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Anne Sofie von Otter

with Associate Artist Leif Kaner-Lidström, Piano

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    As a teenager Anne Sofie von Otter loved singing pop music with her school choir but wasn’t keen on soloing and hadn’t heard of the term “mezzo” let alone dreamt of a career that would take her to every great concert hall and operatic stage of the world. Thankfully the limelight sought her out and for 35 years she has been able to share her rare gifts with millions of fans.

    As utterly at ease soaring over the Berlin Philharmonic with Mahler’s Song of the Earth or quietly caressing a microphone with a Joni Mitchell ballad, she possesses a beauty of tone, an instinct for phrasing and word colour, and a naturalness of delivery that is quite without parallel. More fundamentally, she is an artist whose deep love for great music of all kinds is always paramount.

    Hear her in recital with a characteristically eclectic and intelligent collection of works ranging from her Nordic compatriots Sibelius and Stenhammar to Bach, Bernstein and heartbreaking songs by the composer inmates of Theresienstadt concentration camp. If you’re not yet one of the “Otterati” you will be once the encores have faded.

    Don't miss miss the chance to get up close and personal with Anne Sofie von Otter: she will join David Marr for Festival Forums to regale guests with stories from her long and lauded career.
    Friday 9 Mar, 12.30pm, The Palais, Adelaide Riverbank

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