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In The Club

By Patricia Cornelius
State Theatre Company South Australia

World Premiere

  • About

    She’s the author of 25 plays, the recipient of every Australian literary award, (sometimes severally) and yet if you know her name it’s as likely to be from the articles decrying its omission from our major companies’ programs, as from her work itself. That’s because Patricia Cornelius makes no bones about dealing head-on with issues unsuitable for polite conversation. Street kids, abusive foster homes, Cruise Ship rape, Guantanamo Bay, confronting dementia; the subjects tossed voyeuristically around by the media for a few weeks, then into the too-hard basket are the stuff of her visceral theatre, which inhabits a space somewhere between documentary and Greek tragedy.

    State Theatre Company South Australia’s Artistic Director Geordie Brookman and his tight and talented acting ensemble take on a work written especially for them, a brand new play that shines a searing torch into the darkest corners of our football clubs and women’s accounts of sexual violence. Come and be part of an experience that promises to have everyone talking.

    Please note that In The Club contains coarse language and adult themes including explicit retellings of sexual violence. Recommended for a mature audience, ages 16+.
    Below are some support services for those affected by any of the themes in this production:
    1800 Respect | 1800 737 732
    No To Violence | 1300 766 491
    Lifeline | 131 114

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  • Credits

    Playwright Patricia Cornelius
    Director Geordie Brookman
    Set and Lighting Design Geoff Cobham and Chris Petridis
    Costume Design State Theatre Company Wardrobe
    With the State Theatre Company Ensemble Rachel burke, Miranda Daughtry, Rashidi Edward, Dale March, Nathan O'Keefe, Anna Steen

    Presented by State Theatre Company South Australia
    In The Club has been assisted by State Theatre Company South Australia's Commissioning Collective

    Image James Hartley

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