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Late Nite Tuff Guy

The Palais

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    Adelaide-born Late Nite Tuff Guy, aka DJ HMC, returns home after a killer tour, performing to packed houses. He returns to the Adelaide Festival to prove just why he is so respected worldwide.
    As one of the most talented and versatile DJs to ever grace the turntables, his cuts are rapidly becoming classics in their own right, deftly reworking vintage disco and soul tunes into modern clubbing wonders. Seven Late Nite Tuff Guy releases have all gone straight to the top of the charts in the UK. With Cam’s on-point edits of classic tracks receiving over 5 million plays (and counting), and over 48,000+ followers on SoundCloud, he has become an online sensation.

    Get ready to dance the night away with Late Nite Tuff Guy at the Palais.

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