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Visual Arts/Egypt / United States

Youssef Nabil: Selected Works


Australian Premiere / Adelaide Exclusive

  • About

    GAGPROJECTS is proud to present selected works by internationally renowned artist, Youssef Nabil in his first solo exhibition in Australia. Nabil is known for his hand coloured photographs and films that evoke nostalgia for Egyptian cinema’s golden age.

    Nabil shoots intricately arranged black-and-white photographs, primarily portraits, which he then meticulously hand-colors in a rich and varied palette, employing a technique based on the color-tinting of old Egyptian portrait studios. “The technique I got from Egypt, but the colours I got from personal experience,” he has said. Nabil began his career by staging and photographing tableaux in which his friends acted out scenes that recall film stills from Egypt’s cinematic golden age, and the images he produces today continue to evoke nostalgia for the cinematic past. Among the many visual artists, musicians, and actors he has photographed are Nan Goldin, Marina Abramovic, Louise Bourgeois, Salma Hayek, Alicia Keys, and Catherine Deneuve.
  • Credits

    Youssef Nabil - I Saved My Belly Dancer # XXIV, 2015
    Hand colored gelatin silver print.
    Courtesy of the Artist and GAGPROJECTS, Adelaide.

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