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Festival Firsts

For the first time in the world, electronic images, music and dance were combined in the performance Sound and Image, created by Stan Ostoja‐Kotkowski in 1966.   Sir Robert Helpmann created the world famous ballet Don Quixote, starring Rudolf Nureyev in 1970.   The first WOMAD was produced by the Adelaide Festival in 1992 ‐ world music has since become a strong part of Australian culture and WOMAD a hugely successful stand alone event.   Adelaide Writers' Week, first produced in 1960, became the model for other literary festivals around the world.   Peter Brook's legendary production of The Mahabharata, performed during the course of an entire night in an Adelaide stone quarry for the 1988 Festival set the benchmark for outdoor epic productions.   The invention and reinvention of Adelaide Festival club venues is legendary ‐ including the famous 1996 Red Square, the 1998 Squeezebox, Universal Playground in 2004 and Persian Garden in 2006 and 2008.