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Blind/Vision Impaired

Audio versions of event information

From late November all of the event pages and Adelaide Writers’ Week author pages on this website have an audio version you can listen to.

Touch tour

Touch tour logo
Indicates a guided or tactile tour prior to a live performance, visual art or museum exhibitions that may be touched.

Audio description

Touch tour logo
Audio description makes the visual verbal for people who are Blind or vision impaired. Through a small radio receiver the patron receives a spoken description of visual elements by a trained audio describer.

This year, we have Audio Description for The Secret River at Tuesday 14th March 7:30pm.

The Encounter is also an Audio Based show. The performance uses headphones and binaural technology (3D audio) to create a theatrically stunning event. This event includes a Touch Tour on Saturday 11 March 12:30pm.

When booking please ensure you notify BASS staff that you require headsets and provide your contact details so pre-show recorded introductory notes can be sent to you in advance. Headsets can be collected in the foyers of each venue near the box office. Headsets are available for collection from one hour prior to show time.